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If your stay is with in 2 weeks of today's date, please call us at 1-800-287-1990 to place a last minute order. Looking to rent less than a week? Please call us to check on last minute daily availability.

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Sporting Goods
Bike: Child, 16 $45.00 /WK
Bike: Helmet ---
Bike: Kid Cab (with adult bike rental) $23.00 /WK
Bike: Kid Cab (without adult bike rental) $45.00 /WK
Bike: Training wheels only on 16" bikes ---
Bike: Unisex Adult, 26 $45.00 /WK
Bike: Unisex Child, 20 $45.00 /WK
Body Board $20.00 /WK
Kayak, Double $180.00 /WK
Kayak, Single (all around) $120.00 /WK
Kayak, Single (wave riding only) $120.00 /WK
Surf Board, 7 ft. $50.00 /WK
Surf Board, 8 ft. $50.00 /WK
Surf Board: 6 ft. $50.00 /WK
Paddle Board, 10ft $150.00 /WK
Paddle Board, 11ft $150.00 /WK
Outdoor Items
Beach Chair $15.00 /WK
Folding Wooden Lounge Chair $20.00 /WK
Umbrella $40.00 /WK
Household Items
Bath & Beach Towel Combo. $10.00 /WK
Bath Mat $4.00 /WK
Bath Towel Set $8.00 /WK
Beach Towel $5.00 /WK
Box Fan $10.00 /WK
Kitchen Towel Set $4.00 /WK
Rollaway Bed (Adult) $50.00 /WK
Sheet Set, Double $12.00 /WK
Sheet Set, King $12.00 /WK
Sheet Set, Queen $12.00 /WK
Sheet Set, Twin $12.00 /WK
Bath towel $5.00 /WK
Bath towel & wash cloth $6.00 /WK
Baby Crib $70.00 /WK
Baby High Chair $35.00 /WK
Baby Play Pen $30.00 /WK
Baby Sleep Monitor $10.00 /WK
Baby Walker $20.00 /WK
Booster Seat $7.00 /WK
Exersaucer $20.00 /WK
Stroller, Double $50.00 /WK
Stroller, Single $35.00 /WK
Wide Baby Gate $15.00 /WK
Full Sheet Set $12.00 /WK

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